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GARC Exciting Raffle Time Where You and Your Pets Could Win BIG!

Gear up this season for GARC’s next upcoming event! Help a furry friend in need and you could win big! Running till the 30 July 2019, you can win great prizes for your furry companion while supporting homeless animals. All proceeds generated from our fundraiser will be going to Grace Animal Rehab Center, giving pets without a home a second chance in life!

Become part of Our Raffle Campaign Today!

Our Raffle Campaign was initiated to raise much needed funds for the needs of homeless pets and domestic animals who have suffered some degree of trauma or neglect. Purchase a raffle ticket and you not only help animals in a very big way but stand to win amazing prices for your precious pets too.

With more than $800 worth of prizes to be won, what are you waiting for!

You could win food, toys, treats and more! Simply spend a small amount on our raffle ticket and you could receive an astronomical prize your pet will love! Simply click our raffle link to enter our competition. Its so easy, you could be entered into our exciting draw with just a few clicks!

Our Goal

It is our goal to raise our target of $100 000 to assist in relieving our medical expenses, extend our shelter to accommodate more animals, and strengthen our advocacy group. From our fundraising events, we are not only able to generate the much-needed finances and raise donations to support our services, but also create awareness surrounding pet health, care and providing a shelter pet a loving home.

We see numerous cases involving animals who have been neglected, abused and may be ill and do our very best to address their needs with quality care. As a no kill shelter, we take in many animals with the hopes of finding them deserving homes to spend their rest of their days.

Our raffle includes quality pet prizes so you can save and keep your pet happy at the same time! By giving back you also make a major difference in the lives of domestic animals requiring our care. Purchase a raffle ticket today and become part of the GARC initiative to save our shelter animals!

Cats and dogs Adoption Event every fifth Saturday at Tulsa Hills Southern Agriculture 7836 S Olympia Ave, Tulsa, OK 74132.

Don't miss this special opportunity to adopt a beautiful cute pet!

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We Are Expecting Your Call!

GARC is non-profit organization striving to save abandoned pets and relocate them in loving homes. The more help we get, the more pets we'll save!

Dogs and cats bring light, joy and happiness in people's homes. They help seniors overcome solitariness and difficult times and they have great impact on children's lives.

Contact us now to adopt a pet, make a donation or volunteer to our sacred mission!


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